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We do software development and support by the following OpenSource technologies:

PHP Scripting Language
PostgreSQL Database Server
SQLite Database
MongoDB Database
MySQL Database Server
Apache HTTP Server
Redis - InMemory KeyValue Cache
Memcached - InMemory Distributed KeyValue Store
GlusterFS - Distributed Storage FS
Node.js - ServerSide Javascript
Perl Scripting Language
Zend Framework 2
Twig Templating Engine
Silex Framework
Symfony Framework 2
jQuery - Javascript Framework
jQueryUI - Javascript UI Framework
PureCSS UI Framework by Yahoo
Boostrap UI Framework by Twitter
OpenLayers - JS Mapping Framework
Firefox Browser
Thunderbird eMail and Calendar
Sogo - Cloud Groupware for Thunderbird and more ...
Eclipse - IDE
Geany - The Opensource Code Editor
NetBSD (Unix) Operating System
Debian Linux
Linux Operating System
Ubuntu Linux
Jabber XMPP
HylaFAX Server
Dovecot IMAP Server
XMail SMTP Server
ClamAV Antivirus